Related Accessories From My Glove Depot

Once you’ve settled on the perfect gloves for your application, you may want to supplement your purchase with accessories from My Glove Depot. We offer useful items to go along with your disposable gloves, including face shields, hand sanitizer, latex glove dispensers, nitrile glove dispensers, glove liners, and hand lotions.

Wire Glove Dispenser Sold out
Level 3 Earloop Mask


Level 3 Earloop Mask


Plastic OverGlove


Plastic OverGlove


Clear Poly PF Glove


Clear Poly PF Glove


Keep Your Disposable Gloves Clean and Accessible With Box Holders

Don’t allow your nitrile disposable glove boxes rattle around on a countertop, desk or table when they can be safely housed and made more accessible in a box holder.  These glove box holders will take on most any glove box and are built with durable, clear acrylic. A transparent surgical glove dispenser lets your surgeons and practitioners see all the important details on the box, including brand, size, color, and use application. They’ll help keep your glove boxes visible and easily accessible. To let you use your shelf space more efficiently, they can also be mounted on the wall.

Latex Glove Dispensers and Nitrile Glove Dispensers for One, Two, or Three Boxes

Depending on the number and type of disposable gloves you’re using,  glove box holders are configured for one, two, or three-box capacity, in both horizontal and vertical designs.  Most load from the top, and there’s also a side loading option to make adding or replacing empty boxes easier.

Other Disposable Glove Accessories

My Glove Depot also has specially formulated lotions and creams from Medline and Crosstex in four-ounce tubes, thirty-two ounce pumps, and one-gallon capacities. Thin cotton glove liners from Medline are also available.