Ecobee Gloves

Sure Naturals Nitrile Gloves - Inspired By Nature

Using nature herself as an inspiration, EcoBee created BeeSure Naturals Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves. They come in a high grade soft and stretchy formulation with superb tactile sensitivity. EcoBee is known for its commitment to the environment without added expense to the customer.  

BeeSure Gloves by EcoBee

EcoBee maintains that making “green “ choices does not always mean higher cost. Conservation efforts should, in the end, offer you high quality, guilt-free gloves without a high price tag. EcoBee is known worldwide for offering environmentally sensitive gloves. The compact packaging of BeeSure reduces the amount of waste by up to 60%.

Choosing Nitrile or Latex

Made from synthetic rubber, BeeSure Naturals nitrile gloves are an excellent choice when you’re concerned about latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are also more puncture resistant when compared to other gloves. They also tend to have a high level of sensitivity and conform to your hand for a better fit. Nitrile gloves can be worn for longer periods of time and are appropriate for riskier circumstances where infectious substances or chemicals are present. Examples are laboratories emergency response units, and more.

Outstanding Tear and Chemical Resistance

A good, inexpensive powder free latex glove such as EcoBee Green Latex Exam Gloves, can protect your hands on quick easy jobs. For jobs that take longer or involve heavy and/or abrasive materials, a more durable nitrile glove is ideal. Nitrile gloves cost a bit more, but will outlast latex on heavy duty jobs, potentially saving money in the long run. Nitrile medical gloves have steadily increased in popularity over the last five years or so and offer outstanding tear resistance and chemical resistance.

My Glove Depot: 100% Medical Exam Grade

All disposable gloves at My Glove Depot are medical grade meaning they tend to be thicker and won't tear as easily as non-exam grade gloves. Now you can have durable, multi-use hand protection that really takes care of your hands!