Brown Disposable Gloves

The Brown Color Reduces Glare From Lighting in the OR

In the operating room, surgeons and other practitioners sometimes prefer an alternative to the standard white, cream or ivory colored gloves most commonly offered. The dark color of brown disposable gloves helps to reduce the glare from the lights in the operating room, minimizing eye strain and providing higher differentiation from organs that have a lighter color.

Brown Disposable Gloves for Surgeons from Medline

My Glove Depot’s brown disposable gloves are made by Medline, a major force in the disposable glove business. Medline offers a wide selection of surgical gloves: latex powder-free, powder-free synthetic and surgical gloves not made with accelerators. Surgeons and OR staff are very particular about the gloves they use, and your glove provider is more like a partner. Medline offers a complete line of quality products combined with the support you require to help achieve your goals. Medline offers all types of latex, latex-free, and specialty surgical gloves to satisfy your most exacting requirements.

Higher Standards for Sensitivity and Sizing

Generally speaking, medical exam gloves are offered in two basic categories: exam and surgical. With requirements for more sensitivity and sizing precision, surgical gloves are made to an even higher standard than medical grade exam gloves.

Two Great Options from Medline

Neolon 2G by Medline is one of our brown disposable gloves for surgeons. Made from a polychloroprene mixture, the glove is more pliable, elastic and easier to use than other chloroprene gloves. A textured grip gives the glove a greater tactile sensitivity. Roll-down and tearing are prevented by long cuffs that don’t roll. Instead of powder, the interior is treated with a polymer coating, making them easier to put on and take off with dry or damp hands.

Another option for brown disposable gloves are the Medline Triumph Ortho with Aloe Surgical Gloves. If you’re working with bone pieces, or if other high risk fragments are present, these are the appropriate glove to choose. With a thickness of 13 mil, the gloves are formulated with a natural rubber latex that features a low protein profile. Medline has added a polymer exterior layer so that they’re effortless to put on and take off when wet.

All My Glove Depot gloves are sold by the case. This allows us to offer better pricing, faster shipping, and an overall more efficient operation.