Sterile Latex Free Gloves

The FDA Standard Assurance Level for Sterile Latex Free Gloves

To be certified for sterility, sterile latex free gloves must conform to the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved standards. The FDA has a Standard Assurance Level (SAL) that all sterilization techniques must abide by.

Higher Standards For Surgical Sterile Latex Free Gloves

Due to the sterilization process, higher minimums for Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL), and strict packaging standards, sterile latex gloves tend cost more to produce than non-sterile latex gloves. Designed for neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology procedures, some manufacturers offer gloves that can be used for either double-gloving or as an overglove when used for double-gloving purposes. Some are even thinner than standard gloves to enhance the surgeon’s tactile sensitivity. 

Why Sterile Latex Free Gloves?

Worry over the complications latex allergies can cause patients and staff is creating demand for sterile latex free gloves in healthcare facilities. Continued exposure to latex increases your risk of developing an allergy.

In the past, achieving a latex-free environment was challenging because previous synthetic materials like did not provide the comfort and performance of traditional latex gloves. Now, many companies offer a variety of innovative synthetic sterile latex free gloves. Synthetic gloves formulated from man-made materials like nitrile and chloroprene have a molecular structure similar to natural rubber latex, offering the fit, feel, comfort, and performance that surgeons have come to expect from traditional latex gloves.

Additionally, there are thickness options standard, micro, and orthopedic. Other options include smooth or textured grip, emollient-coated, and undergloves. My Glove Depot offers sterile latex free gloves from Medline in brown and white.

High Quality Gloves, Low Case Pricing

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