Sempermed Gloves

A Pioneer in the Disposable Glove Industry

With nearly 100 years in manufacturing, Sempermed is known as a pioneer in the disposable glove industry. They are committed to offering and supplying the best in hand protection products, and now are among the world’s largest medical and industrial glove manufacturers. My Glove Depot is proud to feature this great line of disposable gloves, including PolyMed, StarMed and TenderTouch brands.

PolyMed’s Unique Manufacturing Process

Using a special manufacturing process that actually infuses synthetic polymers into the latex of the gloves, PolyMed White Latex Gloves by Sempermed are known as some of the finest latex gloves you can buy. This process creates a multi-layer glove that combines the pliancy of latex and the strength of copolymers, providing defense from cracking and peeling during standard use.  The gloves are micro-rough textured for superior tactile sensitivity and holding.

StarMed Nitrile Gloves

StarMed Nitrile exam gloves’ advanced design allows wearers to experience the benefits of unfettered hand movement. Soft, flexible and strong, these nitrile gloves contain a proprietary formula used during manufacturing that helps the glove fit your hand well. It also increases the glove’s the total strength.  

Vertical Manufacturing Integration

Sempermed harvests latex glove raw materials right on through packaging and delivering latex, nitrile, vinyl, polyethylene and chloroprene gloves. The company is known for a complete dedication and commitment to hand protection, using the most current glove manufacturing operations, research and development of innovative hand protection products and fastidious quality assurance.

Developing and Testing New Products

By continuously advancing and rigorously testing new products Sempermed can create gloves that are designed to better serve the needs of their customers. As a major disposable glove supplier, Sempermed leverages the latest manufacturing technology in quality, ensuring that Sempermed’s hand protection products perform with optimal safety, reliability and quality.