Blue Latex Gloves

Blue Latex Exam Gloves 

Nitrile exam gloves are available in a spectrum of shades and colors. And latex gloves, originally produced in their natural color, are available in colors other than natural. My Glove Depot has an extensive selection of blue latex gloves.

Blue Latex Gloves at the Dentist’s Office

Some dental offices like to color-coordinate their scrubs and gloves. Other offices prefer to use a dark blue nitrile exam glove to reduce the visibility of blood. For the dental hygienist, glove selection is most often a matter of personal choice, and blue latex gloves can be a viable solution.

Because glove color has become an effective marketing and branding tool, we will likely continue to see new exam glove colors. Glove color choice will still be influenced by the industry, purchasing decisions, and cost.

Blue Latex Gloves in the Cleanroom

Contamination is an ever-present worry in cleanroom and other closed, controlled environments. Contaminants can come from the disposable glove, or even the workers themselves. Cleanroom gloves in white are the standard of the industry, and many say that potentially contaminating materials are more visible when the glove is white. In more and more cases however, while white remains standard practice, there are justifications for blue latex gloves or other colors in the cleanroom. A blue latex glove used in the cleanroom could provide workers a higher level of contrast.

Blue Latex Gloves in the Lab

Often confronted with the potential for cross contamination, laboratories need a way to protect against employees accidentally transporting substances with their gloved hands from one part of the lab to another. Assigning a specific glove color to each area of the lab can help. For instance, blue latex gloves could be used in one area, and white nitrile gloves in another. Wearing different colored gloves provides supervisors and employees a visual cue. This can help prevent costly errors caused by cross-contamination.

High Quality at Low Prices - Only By The Case

All  blue latex gloves available from My Glove Depot are sold by the case, giving you the best possible price advantage. Every glove we sell is medical exam grade quality. Our customer service is responsive and friendly, and shipping is always a flat rate - no surprises.