Curad Gloves

Curad - A Name You Know

Beginning in 1951, the Curad name has been well established in healthcare. Since their acquisition by Medline, Inc., the nation's largest family-owned, privately held manufacturer and distributor of world-class medical products, in 2007, the Curad name and commitment to quality and safety has been expanded. My Glove Depot carries synthetic vinyl, white vinyl, and natural latex gloves from Curad.

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Curad Latex Gloves

Curad Natural Latex Gloves are 5.1 mil in thickness, powder free, textured, and are available from My Glove Depot in beige. Natural latex is the most trusted material and first choice for healthcare settings worldwide. A processed plant product, natural latex offers consistent fit, flexibility, and resilience, along with reliable performance and barrier protection against infection and contamination. For some users, latex can cause an allergic reaction, and costs may fluctuate along with prices of natural resources.

Curad Vinyl Gloves

My Glove Depot also proudly stocks Curad Vinyl Gloves. Vinyl gloves were the first synthetic material accessible to both industry and the consumer. Composed of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers that softens the material, disposable vinyl gloves are an economical alternative to latex gloves. For most people, vinyl does not fit as well as latex, but they're great for basic hand protection in a low risk, low infection situation.

Great for Food Service, Salons and Other Low-Risk Environments

Curad vinyl gloves are a good multi-purpose material for general use and activities that do not require the highest degree of tactile precision. These soft, comfortable, third generation synthetic vinyl gloves are 100% latex-free and DEHP free.

  • CURAD 3G Synthetic White Vinyl Gloves
  • Curad Natural Latex Gloves Powder Free