Sterile Latex Gloves

Our Sterile Latex Gloves Meet or Exceed FDA Standards

There are two primary types of medical grade gloves: surgical and examination. Surgical gloves typically have more sensitivity, precise sizing and are made to a higher grade. Surgical gloves are most often sterilized. While some medical exam gloves are also offered as sterile, most are non-sterile. My Glove Depot proudly carries both non-sterile and sterile medical gloves, in both latex and non-latex formulations.

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The FDA Standard Assurance Level for Sterile Latex Gloves

Sterile latex gloves are confirmed sterile if they are sterilized according to the Federal Drug Administration approved procedures. The FDA has a Standard Assurance Level (SAL) that all sterilization techniques must meet or exceed. For this standard to be met, there must be no more than a one-in-one-million probability that the sterile latex glove is non-sterile. The accepted sterilization processes can sterilize gloves even if resistant microorganisms were there before sterilization. Usually, non-sterile gloves are sterilized by an individual other than the glove’s manufacturer. Following user sterilization, the gloves have to be tested to confirm that they meet the FDA SAL.

Higher Standards For Surgical Sterile Medical Gloves

Sterile gloves are mostly used for surgical activities. Due to the sterilization process, higher minimums for Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL), and firm packaging standards, sterile latex gloves tend to be more expensive than non-sterile latex gloves. Designed for neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology procedures, some manufacturers offer gloves that can be used for either double-gloving or as an overglove when used for double-gloving purposes. Some are even thinner than standard gloves to enhance the surgeon’s tactile sensitivity.

Choices in Materials and Colors

My Glove Depot carries a variety of sterile latex gloves from Medline in brown, white and green. While there is no single perfect glove material for all applications latex has consistently been the benchmark grade for fit, feel, comfort, toughness and protection. As an alternative, nitrile medical gloves have become more popular in the past several years. Nitrile offers excellent tear resistance and chemical resistance, without the concerns of latex allergies. Chloroprene, another popular latex alternative for surgeons in the operating room, offers comfort, and is the most "latex-like" synthetic glove film available. 

High Quality, Low Case Pricing

All My Glove Depot gloves - including sterile latex gloves - are sold by the case, giving you the best possible price advantage. Every glove we sell is medical exam grade quality. Our customer service is responsive and friendly, and shipping is always a flat rate - no surprises.