Latex Medical Gloves

The Benchmark in Medical Gloves

All disposable latex medical gloves at My Glove Depot are medical exam grade meaning they tend to be thicker and won't tear as easily as non-exam grade gloves.

Latex medical gloves have long been the benchmark standard for fit, feel, comfort, strength and barrier protection.
 Disposable medical gloves, used during medical procedures and examinations, help prevent bacteria or other microorganisms from unintentionally transferring between medical personnel and patients.  

Latex Medical Gloves for Exam or Surgery

There are two primary types of medical gloves: surgical and examination. Surgical gloves typically have more sensitivity and precise sizing and are made to a higher grade. Surgical gloves are generally sterile. Exam gloves are available as either non-sterile or sterile. Sterile medical gloves are a bit more expensive.

All Your Favorite Brands of Latex Medical Gloves

My Glove Depot specializes in medical grade exam and surgical gloves, all at low, Depot prices. We offer all the major brands, available in a variety of colors and styles. Aurelia alone has at least six varieties: Phantom Black, Dimensions, Distinct, Refresh, Velocity and Vibrant. EcoBee, Blossom, Cranberry, Curad, Dash, ISmile, Medline, Microflex, Sempermed, Rely Aid and Safari all offer latex medical gloves.

Colors and Fragrance of Medical Exam Gloves

A couple of additional considerations when choosing the appropriate latex medical glove are fragrance and color. Some practitioners find the smell of natural latex less than pleasing, and prefer to use a glove made with fragrance such as a light peppermint. The right glove can also be pleasing to the eye, and most medical gloves come in a spectrum of colors. Along with the traditional white, cream, and blue, medical gloves are offered in black, green, lavender, pink, purple, orange, white, brown, grey, silver, teal and clear. Some gloves are now even available with aloe vera and vitamin E, both of which can provide additional comfort.

Latex Free Medical Gloves

WIth the increased awareness of latex allergies and sensitivities, some new latex free glove formulations have emerged. Medical gloves that are latex free are made of a few distinct polymers including nitrile medical gloves, vinyl medical gloves and neoprene. These alternatives to latex are appropriate in most medical establishments and are also ideal for any place where latex free protection of your hands is required.