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Clear Poly PF Glove


Clear Poly PF Glove


Powder free latex gloves are latex gloves which do not contain powder. Previously, cornstarch or other powder was added to gloves to make them easier to put on. The original idea was that this made them safer by lessening the chance of tearing or ripping them while putting them on. However, studies have shown that powdered latex gloves are actually problematic for people with latex allergies. 

Why Powder Was Added to Disposable Gloves

Glove manufacturers used powder when they realized that latex gloves can be challenging to put on, especially when done so quickly. Gloves often stick to each other or cling to one’s hand, causing them to tear or rip. Powder prevented the gloves from being sticky, making them easier to put on in a hurry.

Problems Associated With Powdered Gloves

The concern is that powder apparently binds to latex proteins in the glove. If the user wears powdered gloves for a prolonged period of time, the powder may penetrate the skin, delivering latex proteins and potentially causing a reaction. This problem is aggravated if the hands are moist, and it can cause mild dermatitis, or anaphylactic shock and more serious problems.

There is also a risk of contaminating others with the glove powder as they are removed. When powdered gloves are taken off, the powder is distributed in the air, pushing latex proteins throughout the room. These proteins can penetrate surgical wounds or may be inhaled by people in the surrounding area. Severe latex allergies have occurred in people who have had multiple surgeries and have also affected many operating room nurses.

Powder Free Latex Gloves Are Now the Norm

As a result of these problems, powder free latex gloves are now the norm. These gloves are not likely to cause reactions and are less likely to add to the development of latex allergies acquired through exposure. It’s recommended that they be put on more carefully to avoid ripping, but this issue is thought of as less of a problem than the incidence of latex allergies related to powdered gloves.

Like other forms of barrier protection for the hands, powder free latex gloves come in a range of sizes and colors to accommodate different people. Black, blue, green, pink and purple powder free latex gloves are widely available, with many available here at My Glove Depot. They are disposable and produced for use on only one patient.