Food Handling Service Gloves

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Latex, nitrile, chloroprene or vinyl, ambidextrous or hand-specific, textured or smooth, colors or other enhancements.
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Vinyl Food Service Gloves

Vinyl food service gloves are a popular choice for many food environments. This is because having a high level of protection and durability is not as critical as they are in the operating room at a hospital, for example. Vinyl food service gloves are also less expensive, making them a more economic option. Their fit is somewhat more loose, and they are good for low-risk or short term tasks when dealing with non-hazardous materials.

Nitrile Gloves For Food Handling

Some food service personnel are now choosing nitrile gloves for food handling. Nitrile is a non latex synthetic material known for its durability. Nitrile gloves are an excellent choice when you’re concerned about latex allergies, and they tend to be more puncture resistant when compared to other gloves. They also have a high level of sensitivity and conform to your hand for a better fit. Nitrile gloves can be worn for longer periods of time and are appropriate for riskier circumstances where sharp or caustic substances or chemicals are present.

Cases Only For Greatest Savings

All My Glove Depot gloves are sold by the case, giving you the best possible price advantage especially if you have a large crew. It's not unusual to use a large number of gloves for food service if you’re serving food for lots of people, so getting them by the case is the most economical option. That way you’ll have an affordable way to be sure there's always a set of gloves ready for for anyone working with food.

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