Microflex Ultraform Blue Nitrile Gloves
CASE PRICE $ 219.90

Ultraform Nitrile PF Exam Gloves BY MICROFLEX

These gloves have been developed with a special, softer formulation that easily conforms to your hands, almost like another layer of skin. Testing of the glove shows that those who wear Ultraform gloves have an increased capacity for fine motor tasks when compared to a hand without a glove. The box has 300 gloves, saving you shelf space and reducing waste. To improve grip, the gloves are textured at the fingertips.







Nitrile 2.4 mil Yes Blue XS-L 300, XL 250 10


Manufacturer Item #

XS Microflex UF-524-XS
XS/S Microflex UF-524-XS/S
S Microflex UF-524-S
S/M Microflex UF-524-S/M
M Microflex UF-524-M
M/L Microflex UF-524-M/L
L Microflex UF-524-L
XL Microflex UF-524-XL