Salon / Hairdressing Gloves

Salon / Hairdressing Gloves That Protect Your Hands

Several products utilized in hairdressing salons including hair dyes, perm mixtures, aerosols, shampoos, conditioners and others can be harmful, especially when used repeatedly over a long period time. My Glove Depot offers a great selection of gloves for the whole salon, all at case-only prices.

Clear Poly PF Glove


Clear Poly PF Glove


Plastic OverGlove


Plastic OverGlove


Keep Your Hands Healthy With Hairdressing Gloves

Making a living and enjoying your time with clients means keeping your hands healthy. Ailments such as hand dermatitis has been an occupational hazard for decades, and even now more that two-thirds of salon personnel are afflicted by some variety of skin damage during their career. Hairdressing gloves can help to prevent irritation and damage to the skin.

As an owner or manager of a salon, dermatologist, nail technician, hairdresser, or beautician, the proper glove selection can protect the well-being and safety of your clients, staff and yourself. 

Disposable Gloves for the Whole Salon

Beyond hairdressing gloves and salon gloves, pedicure gloves are also very important when protecting one’s hands. Beauty salon gloves have many different applications in the salon, including for pedicures. Pedicure gloves provide protection against the transmission of any microorganisms that may be present on the feet of a pedicure client, such as nail fungus spores.

Salon Care Vinyl Gloves

If you’re working in the salon business, salon care vinyl gloves are often the glove of choice. This is because a high level of protection and durability are not as important as in say, the operating room at your hospital. It also makes them less expensive, making salon care vinyl gloves the most economic option. Their fit is somewhat more loose, and they are good for low-risk or short term tasks when dealing with non-hazardous materials. Vinyl hairdresser gloves are also latex free, which makes them a good option for those with latex sensitivities or allergies.

All disposable hair stylist gloves from My Glove Depot are medical grade. This means they tend to be thicker and won't tear as easily as non-exam grade gloves while working with salon clients. These great hair stylist gloves are
available in a variety of colors and brands.

Case-Only For Best Pricing on Salon Gloves

All My Glove Depot salon gloves are sold by the case, giving you the best possible price advantage. Every glove we sell is medical exam grade quality. Our customer service is responsive and friendly, and shipping is always a flat rate - no surprises!