Adenna Gloves

A Standard of Excellence and Affordability

Adenna Gloves are best known in healthcare, dental, automotive, industrial, laboratory, law enforcement, safety, tattoo body art, sanitary maintenance and veterinary care. They are available in multiple colors including black, blue, violet, white, cream and translucent.

Mechanics Gloves

For mechanics, solvents, gasoline, grease, oil, and other objectionable chemicals are a part of every workday. Adenna supplies a full line of disposable gloves that mechanics in automotive, aviation and marine fields rely on to safeguard their hands, minimize abrasions, cuts, and burns while imparting a good fit for precise work and keeping their hands clean and healthy.

Synthetic and Latex Gloves for Professional Beauty and Personal Care

Successful beauticians and dermatologists know the importance of form and function. Hair, nail and cosmetic salons use gloves in a variety of applications, and Adenna Gloves come in a full line of synthetic and latex gloves for both professionals and staff. Plus Adenna offers unique black color exam gloves that look cool while protecting you on par with the highest quality medical grade gloves.

Disposable Adenna Gloves for EMS and First Responders

Firefighters, emergency medical and rescue personnel, and first responders of all kinds have a lot to choose from with Adenna. In most cases, these gloves are certified by UL and meet the emergency medical exam glove requirements of NFPA, National Fire Protection Association. My Glove Depot offers three unique black color synthetic nitrile and latex exam gloves by Adenna, SHADOW®, PHANTOM® and NIGHT ANGEL®.

Disposable Gloves for Foodservice and Processing

From a packing house to the kitchen of a five star restaurant, good hygiene and personal protection can not be taken too seriously. Adenna disposable exam gloves are manufactured in accordance to the U.S. FDA specifications and meet the ASTM standards and the USDA guidelines for handling food.

Gloves for Industrial and Manufacturing

Adenna gloves are perfect for everyday use in manufacturing and industrial workplaces like biotech, pharma, medical device, packaging and many others.

Disposable Gloves for Tattoo Body Art

If you’ve ever seen popular programs like Tattoo Nightmares, Ink Master, Highway Tattoo, L.A. Ink, or Miami Ink, chances are that you’ve spotted Adenna’s black nitrile and latex exam gloves. Shadow, Night Angel and Phantom have all been featured. These gloves are generally regarded as being one of the top brands chosen by body art tattoo and piercing artists the world over.