Purple Medical Gloves

Purple Medical Gloves

When choosing a glove it’s critical to consider several factors including barrier protection, tensile strength, thickness, elasticity, finish, and puncture resistance requirements. The right glove can also be pleasing to the eye, with medical gloves now available in a spectrum of colors like purple medical gloves.

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Top Brands Offer Purple Medical Gloves

Adenna, SuperMax and Halyard Health all produce purple medical gloves made from nitrile, an effective alternative to latex. My Glove Depot carries these top brands by the case, all at low, Depot prices:

  • Adenna Precision Violet Nitrile
  • Aurelia Amazing Violet Nitrile 
  • Halyard Purple Nitrile 

Nitrile Purple Medical Gloves

Made from synthetic rubber, nitrile gloves are an acceptable alternative if you’re concerned about latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are also more puncture resistant when compared to other gloves. They also tend to have a high level of sensitivity and conform to your hand for a better fit. Nitrile gloves can be worn for longer periods of time and are appropriate for riskier circumstances where infectious substances or chemicals are present. These purple medical gloves from My Glove Depot are excellent choices.

Color Can Help Distinguish Gloves From Each Other

Latex gloves have traditionally been ivory colored and nitrile gloves are often colorful to make distinguishing them easier. Blue is often typically employed for patient exams, as the lighter color makes it simple to notice if blood or other bodily fluids have contacted the glove. Some colors, like purple medical gloves, are more specific to particular brands. Halyard Health offers purple medical gloves and are thus easy to identify, while Medline uses green. This makes it easy for medical practitioners to recognize latex free gloves and apply them for use when a high level of safety and protection is required.

Green, blue and purple medical gloves made from nitrile are all helpful in medical situations. There are also many non medical cases where protection of the skin is essential. The demand for black gloves, widely used by beauty therapists, tattoo artists and hair stylists is ever-increasing. Peroxide-based chemicals and hair colorants can severely irritate the hands, particularly with repeated use.

Color and Fragrance

Along with color, another consideration when choosing the appropriate medical exam glove is fragrance. Some patients - and for that matter medical practitioners - prefer to use a glove made with fragrance such as a light peppermint. Some gloves are now even available with aloe vera and vitamin E, both of which are thought to provide additional comfort.