Help For Hurting Hands

Health care professionals are faced with a harsh skin environment from countless hand washings and repeated disposable glove use. As many as three out of four practitioners have a history of skin problems.

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Use a Lotion to Prevent the Loss of Natural Moisture

Repeated wearing of disposable gloves and subsequent hand washing can cause damage to your hands and the loss of natural moisture. A good skin repair cream can protect and alleviate damage to your hands due to repeated washing.

Lotions Designed to Uphold Disposable Glove Integrity

The products offered by My Glove Depot are specifically designed so they will not compromise disposable glove integrity but they will leave your hands soft and smooth. Some will help maintain moisture in your hands for up to twenty-four hours. A good, non-greasy formulation will help keep skin soft and smooth with help from ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Keratin, Liposomes, and Vitamin E.

Our lotions are made from a blend of nutrients for skin cells and are non-sensitizing and non-allergenic. They are completely free from petroleum, lanolin, and other petroleum-based oils or creams. In addition, these lotion choices are ideal for those who have problems with allergies because they free from nuts and gluten.

Lotions Offer Protection, Nourishment and Hydration

Whether in a small tube, dispenser or jug, a good lotion will soothe your cracked, dry, itchy skin with thorough nourishment, protection and hydration. This could be the perfect way to keep your skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated. 

My Glove Depot also has specially formulated lotions and creams from Medline and Crosstex in four-ounce tubes, thirty-two ounce pumps, and one-gallon capacities.