The Dangers of Inferior Disposable Rubber Gloves


The Dangers of Poor Quality Disposable Gloves

If you use disposable rubber gloves in your line of work, how do you know whether they're safe to use or not?

You may already be aware of the FDA's decision to ban the use of powdered gloves by doctors.

The powder used was associated with wound inflation and allergic reactions, so it's easy to see why the decision was made.

However, this is only the second time in history that the FDA has stepped in to ban a medical device. Which highlights the importance of its actions in this case.

While you almost definitely want to steer clear of this type of glove, there are risks associated with other inferior-quality disposable rubber gloves.

Here, we outline why you should only use trusted products from top-quality suppliers. Otherwise, you're compromising your customer or patient's safety - and your own.

Aren't Disposable Gloves All the Same?

Let's dispel a common myth first. Disposable rubber gloves are not all the same as each other.

There are big differences between different types of gloves. Try some out and you'll see that it's true.

Some are easier to put on and slide off. Depending on the material they're made from, they'll have different levels of durability.

In some industries, gloves in use must live up to ASTM standards. In these cases, you have no choice but to choose good quality - but as you'll see below, this is actually in your favor.

Try taking a test glove out of the pack and seeing how easy it is to damage it with your hands. You'll notice that you can rip right through some of them, while others are very hard to break.

In short - they aren't all the same. There are massive differences you need to be aware of.

Allergy Risk

Cheap disposable rubber gloves may cause allergic reactions. Powdered gloves are a big issue, as we talked about in the introduction.

If you're a medical professional or tattooist, you should also always ask patients and customers whether they're allergic to latex.

Always remember to do this before you put on the gloves! Having an alternative on hand is important if they say 'yes'.

Medical grade nitrile gloves might be a good alternative to choose. They're easy to put on and remove, and the material offers a strong barrier between your hands and what you're handling.


Inferior disposable rubber gloves can be far more permeable than good quality gloves. This means that they let through water - if you're a plumber working with dirty water, for example.

Allowing water to pass through might not be pleasant for the wearer. But things could get more serious.

Poor quality gloves could allow other chemicals to permeate the gloves, and come into contact with skin. If the person is handling hazardous chemicals, this could be a very serious problem.

Risk of Infection

If you're working in an industry that puts you in close contact with other people and bodily fluids such as blood, there is always a risk of infection.

This is especially true for people such as medical and dental workers who are in close proximity to wounds and diseases.

Good gloves will always form a barrier between your skin and the other person.

Remember, it's not just about you. You might not know it, but you could be carrying contaminants or bacteria yourself on your hands. So this is about protecting both of you from the transmission of disease.


Cheap gloves are a false economy. Sure, you might be able to buy a case of 300 gloves at a cheap price. But you'll speed through the entire lot and be back for more within a week.

This is because you'll need to swap them several times even during the same job. They rip or wear thin very quickly, so you change to keep yourself safe, only to find the next pair only last 5 minutes.

Before you know it, the entire box is gone. You pay another wad of cash for a new box, and those disappear too.

Of course, you should be switching out your disposable rubber gloves for new ones regularly. Change them at least as often as described by the manufacturer.

In terms of value for money though, you'll still get an awful lot more use out of good quality disposable rubber gloves.

Inferior Gloves are Easy to Damage

Durability is one thing, puncture marks are another.

Cheap disposable rubber gloves don't stand up to much punishment. A small scrape is all it takes to pierce them, rendering them useless.

This can also be dangerous, as sharps can go right through them and into your skin. Or a small scrape opens up a hole too small to spot, which later lets dangerous chemicals touch your skin.

All gloves can be damaged. You should change them regularly, and change them immediately if you notice rips or holes.

However, the best protection in the first instance is to invest in great medical grade gloves which aren't easy to tear or pierce.

Top Quality Disposable Rubber Gloves

If you're looking to restock with top quality disposable rubber gloves, My Glove Depot is the place to be.

We've been supplying gloves to the medical and dental professions, as well as many others, for more than 25 years.

We sell by the case to pass on wholesale savings to you, and stock a wide range of gloves made from vinyl, latex, nitrile and more.

Why not check out our new range of chloroprene disposable gloves? With the toughness of nitrile and the comfort of latex, these are sure to soon become a top choice the world over.

If you have any questions about the right choice of glove for your industry, get in touch. Our experienced team will be happy to offer you advice.

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